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Christian Cage and Colt Cabana Podcast



Christian is a former many time WWE champion. Colt and Christian talk about his new podcast, WWE series, growing up in Canada, relationship with Edge, the Indies, Impact and so much more.

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Christian Cage

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Christian Cage

Who is Christian Cage?

Christian Cage is a professional wrestler, actor, and is considered one of the top wrestling minds in the business.  Christian Cage started his wrestling career in 1995 and made his national television debut in 1998.

Christian was a pivotable member of the Attitude Era, delivering memorable performances with longtime partner Edge. Christian Cage was a notable champion in WWE and TNA (Impact). Christian retired as an in-ring performer in 2014 and has turned to acting (appearing in several films/television shows since 2006).

*Christian Cage returned to wrestling in 2021 with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).


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